Wonderful News

We received this email last week from an organization that we are involved with that helps support families in Ethiopia. We met this family in 2010 and were able to start helping them. They are a family of 4 and the father is handicapped. Often the phrase is overused, but this family is unfortunately and truly the poorest-of-the-poor. They have 2 beautiful girls that we have fallen in love with. We are certainly looking forward to seeing them in 2015.

The mother disappeared in 2012. Many Ethiopian women are approached for a 'better life' therefore many leave for the other countries (most often the Middle East) in hopes of this life. Unfortunately, many times these innocent, beautiful women are trafficked and never heard from again. It's a real issue that most Americans (including us) have never given much thought until recent years. It is devastatingly sad and horrific. 

When Fantaye disappeared in 2012, we were prayerful and hopeful for her safe return. However,  we knew that there was a high likelihood that we may never hear from her or see her again. 

So thankful for this answered prayer. It's a miracle.

Dear Sterling & Donna -

We wanted to share with you some incredible news that we just received regarding Fantaye - she has returned home as of last week!!! We believe this is truly a miracle and answer to our many prayers regarding her safety as we strongly suspected her to have been trafficked out of Korah. We do not have many details regarding the nearly 2 years that she has been gone with next to no contact with her family. We will provide an update for you once our social workers have the opportunity to follow up with Fantaye and her family.

What we do know is that Ayshesham is overjoyed to have his wife home and the family is so happy to be back together once again. Please pray for this time as the family is reunited together, that it may be blessed richly and that Fantaye will have a smooth transition back into her life in Korah.

Thank you so very much for your support of this family, especially as they have gone through the turmoil of having their mother missing for such a long time. Praise God that he has brought Fantaye back home safely!



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