Free and Abundant WiFi: Oh How We Miss You!


The land of Kiwis does not place a high priority on free wifi. And wifi is essential when you have 4 kids that are ONLINE schooling while traveling.

Every day we must seek out a wifi solution.  

In New Zealand, we’ve been staying at Top 10 Holiday Parks but wifi is not included.  It is $60 per month or 5 TB, whichever comes first, and that’s for 1 device at a time.  If you can’t log off of that particular device (which about 90% of the time you cannot), then you’re stuck with 6 people lobbying for time to get their work done on 1 device.  That’s a lot of fun.  Insert sarcasm.


We NEVER, EVER eat at McDonald’s but we did yesterday because it offered free wifi.  So after our $50 McD’s bill for 6 sandwiches and 2 fries we sat down to do our work.  This was only to find that the FREE McDonalds’ wifi did not work. Sigh.

As I write this post, we just spent $70 for ‘free’ wifi at a local coffee house.

So the journey continues as we seek wifi in the the land of Kiwis.

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