We Have No Idea What We're Doing


Great things happen when you have no idea what you’re doing. -Dave Grohl  

The aforementioned idea is completely against conventional wisdom.  And that’s exactly why this is one of my all-time, favorite quotes.  It was a simple statement Dave Grohl used in describing his desire to shoot a documentary without anyone telling him, ‘…hey bro, you know you don’t do it that way…’  


Watch the inspiring interview: http://youtu.be/KKPY-gyiqBI (if you’re offended by language, skip it)


Obviously, Dave Grohl does not share our Christian beliefs and that's OK.  We can learn from anyone and everyone.  Personally, we put great stock in what leaders like Andy Stanley and Tim Keller teach.  We also believe in what churches like North Point Community Church in the Atlanta area strive to do by creating a church that unchurched people want to attend.  



 We want you to know that we are complete novices at this whole travel thing.  


Yes we’ve traveled to Ethiopia multiple times, but that’s about it.  You’ll get the opportunity to learn with us, laugh with us (perhaps at us), cry with us, experience joy with us, and experience frustrations.  


Experiencing life is what the journey is all about.

Day 1 of Travel

Is there something that you want to know how to do when traveling or preparing to travel? Ask us.

Place you want us to go?  Ask us and we’ll try…within limitations.


There are a lot of travel blogs.  There are excellent blogs that are great when planning a journey and are run by experts in the field of travel.  Ours is a bit different because we're sharing and learning as we go.  We've never done it.


Some of the things we hope to accomplish through our blog:

  1. Inspire others to ‘live now’.
  2. Help others see that you can pursue ideas and dreams that seem out of reach
  3. Share our stories, fun, learnings, & struggles
  4. Post awesome pictures and videos
  5. Give our kids a way to share their perspectives you


What would you like to know about our journey or the planning of our journey?

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